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Hire Us for Your Interior Demolitions

Are you gutting a kitchen, bathroom, wall, shed, hot tub? Or anything else? Let our professional interior demolition experts handle it.
Kitchens, bathrooms & other interior rooms
Sheds, hot tubs & other backyard structure
Can include Disposal Bin, at discounted rate
Demolition crews are fully-equipped


JUNK CHUCKERS® PRO SERVICES is backed by years of experience in offering reliable construction site cleanup and interior demolition services to local contractors and homeowners.

Hire your local JUNK CHUCKERS® for your next project and experience our satisfaction pledge - we don't cut corners and we don't stop until we get the job done, right.

Interior Demolitions Experts

If you’ve recently completed a construction project, you will likely have to deal with the mess left behind. Rather than trying to tackle it yourself, it is best to call on a trained professional team to perform construction site cleanup; JUNK CHUCKERS.

Do it myself? Hire a contractor? Or call JUNK CHUCKERS?

In today's Information Age of YouTube instructional videos, forums such as reddit or the relative ease of asking someone, there's really not much we can't do. But ask yourself - just because you can, does it mean you should? 

If you have completed a successful renovation or construction project before you already know the curveballs that are bound to happen once you start a project. Heck, there are thousands of hours of television shows about just that! 

Doing it yourself does provide a lifelong feeling of accomplishment and stories to share with friends and family of gutting your own kitchen but be mindful of biting off more than you can chew.

It's recommended to request a free in-person quote to have a local, demolition crew come out to provide a no-obligation estimate for the entire demolition project.

What types of demolitions do we handle?

Here is a pretty solid list of the demolitions we can assist with:

Other bedrooms or walls
Floors, carpeting
Outdoor Sheds
Outdoor Hot Tubs
... and anything else in-between, just ask!

Questions? Give us a call,

Our customer service hours are Monday to Saturday, 8am to 6pm.
“My favorite part of completing a Pro Service job is knowing I was a part of a project that will be enjoyed by others"
Truck Team Manager, Pro Services

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