Our Fees

Our Fees

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Limited Time Offer

2-for-1 Territories

Newly awarded franchises receive a 2x larger territory for the price of one (1).

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The Power of Sharing Resources

World-Class Resources at a Fraction of the Cost

We do not expect any franchise to hire, train and pay individual NCC Agents, Success Coaches and, or Marketing Specialists. This is an expense that is simply out of reach for most business owners.

Instead we provide all JUNK CHUCKERS' franchises with world-class resources for an on-going Royalty Fee. The Royalty Fee is a percentage based on a franchise's gross revenue.

Services Included in Royalty Fee

We Take Care of Your Business-Critical Activities

To enable your franchise's growth and support we have bundled every business-critical activity within your Royalty Fee.

Benefits from the Royalty Fee:
  • - Licensing of the JUNK CHUCKERS' Brand
  • - Exclusive Territory as per your Franchise Agreement
  • - On-going Franchise Support via dedicated Franchise Success Coach
  • - Local Advertising via Marketing Specialists
  • - Full-Time NCC Agents to Answer Customer Requests and Book Jobs
  • - Business Consulting and Advice from Your Franchise Sales Manager
  • - and much, much more!

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