What We Do For You

What We Do For You

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Limited Time Offer

2-for-1 Territories

Newly awarded franchises receive a 2x larger territory for the price of one (1).

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Our Training Will Excite You

Eight Hours of Training and You're Set!

Whether you're a contractor or investor, salesperson or construction worker, our thorough new Franchise Owner training program will excite you with possibilities.

Your Franchise Sales Manager, who is assigned to you from your first contact with us, will also be your trainer. They will do their best to prepare you as to what to expect as a Franchise Owner in a friendly learning environment.

Examples of teaching aids you will experience during your new Franchise Owner training:

World-Class Ownership Support

Let Us Handle the Heavy Lifting

Most business owners wear too many hats to even be aware of what their business-critical activities are. We understand this enough to take those tasks off your plate and have a team of professional staff keeping an eye on those vital aspects of your business.

Here's a list of the people you will have in your corner from the start:

  • 1) Franchise Sales Managers: This person will be the main point-of-contact for a new or prospective Franchise Owner and guide them along the Pre-Launch Timetable. The Franchise Sales Manager will also act as the Trainer for the newly awarded Franchise Owner. Once the Franchise Owner is trained and ready for launch, the Franchise Sales Manager will carefully hand-off the Franchise Owner to their Success Coach. The Success Coach will be the new point-of-contact for a Franchise Owner after they have have launched!

  • 2) Franchise Success Coaches: Unique to the franchising world, we provide each Franchise Owner with a dedicated Franchise Success Coach that keeps an eye on your franchise's sales performance based on automated triggers. For example, we have developed an internal system to keep track of custom metric such as a Route Utilization Rate (RUR%) or Appointment-to-Sale (AS%) for each truck that notifies your Franchise Success Coach to provide actionable next steps to either correct something or take advantage of the opportunity.

  • 3) Marketing Specialists: Performance-orientated internal team that manages all forms of advertising. The Marketing Specialists follow a proven Advertising Program for generating demand for franchises. The Specialists use the latest tools in both digital marketing and traditional demographic targeting to identify new channels of opportunity. 80% of the Marketing Specialist’s time is designated to refining the existing Advertising Program. 20% is allocated to spotting new advertising or branding opportunities.

  • 4) National Contact Centre (NCC) Agents: An “NCC Agent” for short, is the internal contact centre team that field both inbound and outbound conversations with customers. Using the phone, text messages (SMS), email and web-forms, the NCC Agent’s objective is to convert each conversation to a booked appointment for all franchises. NCC Agents are trained with a conversion-focused methodology when speaking to potential customers while also providing an informational approach to explaining the service. They are also well equipped to handle common rebuttals. Every job is booked directly into a Franchise's schedule.

  • Proven Advertising System

    ROI-Focused Digital and Print Marketing

    Having a proven advertising formula for your business is critical in today's marketplace.

    This is why JUNK CHUCKERS' Marketing Specialists stay on top of the world of digital and direct mail to continue to drive demand while keeping customer acquisition costs low. Customer acquisition costs is a fancy way of saying what it costs to get a customer and we strive to lower that number so we can capture even more leads!

    We don't stop there with just amazing advertising because we believe great advertising needs a website and landing pages that actually converts traffic to calls or form completions. This is why we are relentless in our pursuit of creating better web experiences to convert more visitors to bookings.

    National Contact Centre (NCC)

    Jobs Booked for You By Our Trained Full-Time Agents

    A well-trained contact centre is vital for any service business because we understand that it is often the first point of contact a customer has with your franchise and the brand.

    Yes, the NCC books jobs directly into your franchise's schedule but they do much, much more. For example, JUNK CHUCKERS' NCC Agents are trained to book only high-probability leads that will turn into a sale. Other franchise systems do not have a quality control measure for their contact centres and leads to wasted time and an opportunity loss.

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