Start-up Expenses

Start-up Expenses

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Limited Time Offer

2-for-1 Territories

Newly awarded franchises receive a 2x larger territory for the price of one (1).

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Low Cost, High Reward Opportunity

Opportunities Starting at Only $60,000

For a limited time, new Franchise Owners will receive twice the territory size at no additional cost. This bonus offer enables new Franchise Owners to rapidly grow to maximize revenue.

List of Start-up Expenses:

  • - Truck Lease/Finance Downpayment, varies based on credit approval
  • - Single Junk Dump Custom Body, $24,000 CAD
  • - Franchise Fee, ranges between $30,000 to $50,000 CAD depending on population
  • - Initial 3-month Advertising Budget, $7,500 CAD
  • - Miscellaneous Expenses, $5,000 CAD
Limited Time Bonus: New Franchise Owners receive 2 territories for the price of 1. Complete the form below to speak to a Franchise Sales Manager.

JUNK CHUCKERS Startup Expenses

Financing Available

Minimum $15,000 Downpayment Required

Financing is available for most, if not all, of the start-up expenses listed above. Flexible financing options are available for all Canadians.

For example, your Franchise Sales Manager will explain how you can finance your trucks using a 10-year term! This allows you to experience some of the lowest truck payments in the commercial trucking industry. Please allow 2-3 weeks to complete this process.

Franchise prospects, which are financially liquid, will benefit from launching sooner.

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