Earning Potential

Earning Potential

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2-for-1 Territories

Newly awarded franchises receive a 2x larger territory for the price of one (1).

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Larger Territories, More Trucks

Skyrocket Profits with Multiple Trucks

As a JUNK CHUCKERS Franchise Owner you can expect to earn roughly $17,000 to $24,000 per truck, per month depending on the season. These figures are based on a single full-time truck team and are dependant on the franchise's monthly advertising budget.

For example, with two trucks in full-time operation you can safely estimate a monthly gross revenue between $35,000 to $45,000.

With a large JUNK CHUCKERS territory, Franchise Owners can look to add additional trucks to their fleet right away to keep up with the growing demand within their territory. To take full advantage of the larger territory sizes, it is recommended to launch with two full-time trucks.

For example, with two full-time trucks in operation you can have one truck team banging out a full day, multi-load office removal, while the other truck team is completing other appointments. Multiple truck teams are also beneficial when needing to tackle larger jobs in a short time period.

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JUNK CHUCKERS Franchise System

Start Earning Within 4-6 Weeks

Launching Your Own Business Has Never Been Easier

Your Franchise Sales Manager will work with you to progress you along the JUNK CHUCKERS Pre-Launch Checklist including sourcing your truck, having your custom junk bodies built, hiring your first truck teams and choosing a launch date.

We do most of the heavy lifting and give you key tasks to complete such as choosing between truck dealerships, selecting an insurance provider and making the final hiring decision.

From that point on your Success Coach will be your go-to resource to ensure your franchise is operating at its' maximum potential.

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