Do You Qualify?

Do You Qualify?

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Limited Time Offer

2-for-1 Territories

Newly awarded franchises receive a 2x larger territory for the price of one (1).

Find out if you qualify below.

Do You Qualify?

Do You Qualify?

Answer Questions Below to Find Out

If you answer NO to any of the questions below, you may not be the right fit to become a Franchise Owner.

If you have answered YES to all the questions then we want to hear from you — please complete the form below to speak to a Franchise Sales Manager.

Pre-Qualification Questions:

  • 1) Are you looking for financial freedom?
  • 2) Are you an ambitious minded person?
  • 3) Are you able to communicate effectively?
  • 4) Can you problem solve?
  • 5) Are you excited to manage your own team?
  • 6) Do you have access to at least $45,000 in cash, credit, equity or bank loan?
  • 7) Do you have at least 20 hours per week to dedicate to managing your franchise?
  • 8) Are you willing to follow the JUNK CHUCKERS franchise system to manage your franchise?
  • 9) Do you have a clear criminal history for the past 5-years?
  • 10) Do you have solid references to vouch for your work ethic?

Answered YES to all the questions above? We want to hear from you!

Now that you are Pre-Qualified, complete the form below to speak to a Franchise Sales Manager.

Complete the Form Below to
Request More Information

After completing the form you will be contacted by a Franchise Sales Manager
to learn more about the franchise opportunity.

Due to increased demand, please see the
Do You Qualify?   page prior to completing the form.

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