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Frequently asked questions from customers:
Can you really take anything?

Just show the truck team what you have to remove and we'll get it out of your way! The only items we are unable to take are hazardous chemicals such as paint. This requires a special pickup from your city.
Do I have to help load the stuff into the truck?
If you request the Full Service option, you do not have to lift a finger as our truck teams consist of at least two (2) friendly and capable individuals to lift and load anything you need removed. Simply show the truck team what you have once they arrive.
Who shows up to my appointment?
If you choose our Full Service option, your truck team members are often college or university students looking for a way to make a living by staying active and being helpful to their local community. All teams are fully licensed and insured.

If you select our bin rental option, the driver will be able to safely assist to place the bin where you need it.
Can I switch between Full Service and Renting a Bin?
Yes! You can change your mind before your scheduled appointment and your truck team will be happy to assist. Just tell them what you need!
How big are the JUNK CHUCKERS' trucks?
If you request our Full Service option, our heavy-duty dump body is 11ft long, 9ft wide and 6ft high. We're proud to offer much larger trucks than the competition.

Our large trucks hold the equivalent of:
- Nine pickup trucks worth of junk
- Twelve standard sized refrigerators
- Eight full-sized three-seater sofas
- Or, roughly two tonnes of junk!

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Our customer service hours are Monday to Saturday, 8am to 6pm.

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Mark fromToronto

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